Vigour & Vitality – Embracing an Opportunity

There is no doubt there is a new awareness and for many is the catalyst to embracing an opportunity to make necessary changes the earth needs right now. This is a dark time for many and we feel proud that our creation our plant based mylk concentrates are having the opportunity to shine in this darkness. At V & V mylk, the team are committed to working hard and making sure its core values they committed to seven years ago remain intact, being a product that nourishing the human body, supports our environment, is accessible to the masses and is versatile in its uses. A product that ticks all the boxes

Hayden aka “the mylk man”, founder of Vigour and Vitality (V&V Mylk), his vision is to mass-produce and grow the biggest stone-grinding factory in the world, big dreams for a deserving product. The brand produces the world’s first whole food plant mylk concentrate using nuts and seeds. One of its 250 ml glass bottles produces 3L of plant mylk. Hayden has been mastering this process for years and though a multi-step method produces a silky smooth runny paste and when mixed with water creates a creamy, delicious, nourishing whole plant based mylk. The mylk concentrates have a 1-year shelf life reducing waste and can be used as a nut butter as well. We carefully package in glass bottles, because tetra-pak cartons aren’t able to be recycled in New Zealand this is important to us. Last year just through the café’s we supply, our products prevented 14,400 tetra-pak cartons going into landfill.

Over the last year the brand has focused on New Zealand nuts and seeds and would like to see a future of more land use put towards growing these super nutrient-dense foods.

Currently the brand is selling online through its website and supply a number of wholesale outlets including select supermarkets.

"We have been working with ‘New Zealand’s future food crops’ therefore focusing our core products on this research, factoring land use, soil health, outputs and nutrient density per square meter. Although we have over 17 plant based mylk concentrates to chose from our core products are: New Zealand grown Sunflower, pumpkin, hemp, macadamia and hazel nut. Also included are customer favourite’s coconut, barista blend and almond," said Hayden.

"We want to be part of the solution and be the future of plant mylking using New Zealand grown nuts and seeds nourishing our people."

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