What’s Hot on Shelves This Week?

The team at SupermarketNews have curated this week's hottest products on shelf and in-store. Check them out below.


Loaf’s new brownie balls are delectable balls of Loaf’s best-selling brownie, stuffed with salted caramel, raspberry compote or hazelnut ganache. Perfect for a sneaky afternoon snack, after-dinner treat or the crowning glory of any grazing platter.

For trade enquires contact Keith Clark from Loaf on keith@loaf.co.nz or call him on 021 588 603. For more information, visit www.loaf.co.nz.

Finery is the new first-to-market premium 0% cocktail range available for grocery.

This exciting new range taps into the rapidly growing 'better for me' NOLO alcohol and beverage categories.

Available in 4 flavours, Finery 0% alcohol free sparkling cocktails offer clean flavours inspired by nature, with no added sugar, carb free and gluten free. Finery is designed to be placed instore with other “non alcoholic” spirits and products. E.g. Bubbles & Wine Options.

Already in key locations, Finery has proven to be hugely popular with the growing clean drinking consumer.

100% New Zealand owned and operated, Finery is passionate about delivering quality with a nothing to hide approach to business, product development and environmental sustainability. The new 0% range is an extension of their popular 5% Vodka Cocktail range.

Available direct from your Foodstuffs DC or contact Jane Allan directly 021 752 356 or email sales@finepeople.co.nz.

Sugar Free does not need to be boring! At Kiwi Beverages Sugar Free, the team strives to bring exciting, delicious, sugar-free beverages to the New Zealand market. Its company is based in Papakura, and is entirely New Zealand-owned and New Zealand-made. Kiwi Beverages Sugar Free products range from a low-sugar fruit drink, to completely sugar-free energy drinks and soft drinks. These beverages have grabbed attention from several different sections of the health industry, including people following a ketogenic or low-carb diet, and also people who suffer from diabetes.

In the growing sugar-free market, Kiwi Beverages have heard the sighs of relief from consumers wanting more variety when it comes to its beverage options.   

With two years in the market, Kiwi Beverages has revised its product lines to ones that are proven to succeed and sell through. These products have also got a range of point of sale, from posters, double-sided stickers and fridge wobblers.

For more information, contact sales@kiwibeverages.co.nz or visit www.kiwibeverages.co.nz.

The CH’I Drinks Workshop are a long standing independent drinks company now adding options to meet the needs of shoppers who push their trolleys past the major international drinks brands.

The CH’I Drinks Workshop is the home of the CH’I Herbal drinks first sold in 1987. They’ve applied their skills at hand crafting herbal ingredients to develop sparkling drinks that will appeal to the adult consumers who reject the internationally owned brands. Ch’i is aiming to add new premium sales and value to the parts of the shopping journey where adult consumers will be choosing drinks for themselves.

Herbally Dandy Cola has handcrafted kola nuts and roasted NZ organically grown dandelion root behind its unique flavours.

Herbally Spiced Ginger is a unique spin on ginger with handcrafted ginger and cardamom.

Herbally Twisted Lemon has real NZ NFC lemon juice, juniper berry and lemon balm and much less than half the sugars of a regular soft drink.

Premiumisation is one of the current trends most valuable to retailers. It makes sense to increase returns from limited shelf space and costly store operations.

The CH’I Drinks workshop is an independent New Zealand owned business and is represented in the New Zealand grocery trade by Niell Cropper & Co Ltd.