Whittaker’s Launches New Cocoa Lovers Collection

Whittaker’s new Cocoa Lovers Collection celebrates extra dark chocolate with four 100g blocks, which also showcase the distinctive flavours of cocoa beans sourced from artisan producers in Samoa and Nicaragua alongside 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Ghanaian cocoa.

Whittaker’s co-Chief Operating Officer, Matt Whittaker, said the new range responds to demand from Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers for even darker chocolate than we have previously produced.

“This is something special for those who are really serious about enjoying intense cocoa flavours, with unique differences in taste based on the terroir of the cocoa beans, and who care about the story behind the cocoa beans we use to make our delicious chocolate,” said Whittaker.

Whittaker’s Cocoa Lovers Collection is its darkest chocolate range ever and is in addition to the existing core 250g dark chocolate range, which features 50%-72% Ghanaian cocoa content. The new 100g range includes:

  • 70% Cocoa Samoa Chocolate, which replaces Whittaker’s existing 64% Samoan Cacao 100g block, showcasing the delicate, sweet and creamy flavour of Samoan cocoa beans.
  • 76% Cocoa Nicaragua Chocolate, crafted with premium quality, speciality Nicaraguan cocoa beans grown in volcanic soils in some of the oldest heirloom cocoa plantations in the world, giving a bright, fruity flavour with a rich aroma.
  • 86% Cocoa Ghana Chocolate, which intensifies the layers of Ghanaian cocoa flavour with a roasted nutty finish.
  • 92% Cocoa Ghana Chocolate, which delivers a strong, rich flavour but also the melt-in-the-mouth experience that is characteristic of Whittaker’s steadfast commitment to quality.

Matt Whittaker said his personal favourite is the Whittaker’s 70% Cocoa Samoa Chocolate, not only because of the unique flavour of the cocoa beans, but also because of the close relationship Whittaker’s has built with its local partner in Samoa, cocoa co-operative Savai’i Koko, under Whittaker’s Cocoa Improvement Programme established in 2014. Under the Programme, Whittaker’s works directly with Savai’i Koko, providing them with critical resources and on-the-ground support to increase cocoa yields.

“Like Whittaker’s, Savai’i Koko are a fourth generation family-run business, and a trusted partner. The relationship we’ve built has not only ensured a reliable supply of high quality cocoa beans for our chocolate, it has also helped to revitalise the cocoa export industry in Samoa and we’re really proud to have the opportunity to contribute in this way to better conditions for cocoa farmers close to home."

Whittaker’s also has a direct relationship with the cocoa producer that it sources its Nicaraguan cocoa beans from, and this means Whittaker’s has full traceability of the cocoa beans sourced from each of those locations enabling close monitoring of ethical practices.

Apart from the speciality Samoan and Nicaraguan cocoa beans, Whittaker’s sources all of the other cocoa beans it uses from Ghana and recently announced that all of its chocolate crafted with Ghanaian cocoa beans is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™. This encompasses well over 100 products, including the new 86% and 92% blocks.

“We hope that the progress we’ve made to date and the continued journey we’re on to ensure ethical sourcing in our supply chain gives Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers even more reasons to treat themselves with Whittaker’s Chocolate and to sample some of our darkest chocolate yet."

Whittaker’s Cocoa Lovers Collection is made right here in New Zealand at family-owned Whittaker’s one factory in Porirua, where it makes all of its delicious chocolate from beans to bar.