wine calories 02

Australian-owned Treasury Wine Estates, which produces wines in New Zealand under its Angel Cove, Squealing Pig, Matua and Secret Stone brands, has decided to include calorie information on its labels. Consumers will be able to access it just by visiting a dedicated web address printed on the labels. According to the company, since consumers are increasingly looking for this kind of details online, providing a dedicated web page seemed a natural choice.
At this stage, it is too early to tell if the move will trigger a new trend in the wine industry.
“I don’t know whether other companies will follow suit, that will be an individual decision,” said Philip Gregan, CEO at New Zealand Winegrowers. “Globally there is a trend for people to be concerned about eating and drinking healthily, so I think there will be a range of consumer reaction.”
The innovation will be launched in Europe first, reaching New Zealand by June 2016.