Flaxmere New World owner Tim Wilson knows that trolley thieving is nothing new to the industry but after purchasing a set of new trolleys just late last year, he had hoped they would stick around a little longer.

“When I took over I decided I wanted to buy new trolleys rather than second or third-hand broken ones with wheels that didn’t work properly that had been done previously,” Wilson told Hawke’s Bay Today.

“I was hoping the community would respect them if they were new and many people appreciated the fact that they ran straight, but others just continued to take them.”

It is reported that at least 50 trolleys have been stolen since July last year, leaving just 30 trolleys at the store.

“Because they cost so much we do not like to leave them on the curb too long to disappear behind fences and be gone forever, people ring us and tell us where they are and we try to get them quickly.”

Wilson has ordered more for the upcoming busy Christmas season and looks to install security locks on the wheels so that they only work within the town centre.

“Most people in the community are fantastic – it’s just a few letting us down.”

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Photo credit: Warren Buckland