Australian vegan consumers can rejoice with the opening of its first vegan supermarket Vegan Aisle. By the end of October, the store, located in New South Wales will be fully operational. Products stocked include vegan cheeses, nuts, chocolate, fresh foods and cruelty-free beauty supplies. In a bid to curb plastic pollution, the store urges customers to bring their own bags.

Following a recent boom in the plant-based lifestyle, consumers will find products that are not stocked in standard supermarkets and won’t have to check labels as everything is 100 percent vegan. Co-owners Brett Page and James Denney believe their store is a one-stop shop for those leading a plant-based lifestyle and fills a gap in the market.

“For instance, we’ve found a great pest aioli from Melbourne, you can’t get that anywhere. We’re trying to find up-and-coming vegan products,” said Page.

Page went on to say that they would be introducing online shopping in the near future.

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