Woolworths Australia Launches QR Code Payments

QR code payments are now available at Woolworths stores in Australia

Woolworths Group has launched one of Australia's first digital wallets that supports QR code payments. Available as a part of the Everyday Rewards app, customers can earn points and pay for their groceries in one scan.

“We know speed, ease and contactless payment at the checkout is important to our customers as they lead increasingly busy lives. Everyday Pay from Everyday Rewards has been designed with this need top of mind." Said Everyday Managing Director Hannah Ross.

Credit, debit or gift card details are added to the personal rewards app, and payment is then as easy as scanning the code displayed on the payment terminal at checkout.

“By integrating the ease of QR code payments, with our Everyday Rewards app, we can save customers time at the checkout and help ensure they never miss a rewards point again.”

The wallet has been built by Wpay, and is now available at Woolworth's and Big W stores across Australia. The Everyday Rewards app is currently used by one million Australians each week, it has personalised point offers, in-app receipts and shopping specials that save customers hundreds of dollars. Everyday Pay hopes to promote more contactless shopping.

Everyday Rewards currently has 13 million members across Australia.