Zeffer Brewing Co. are producers of craft cider based just north of Auckland in an idyllic Matakana valley.  Their focus is on producing quality cider made from a carefully selected blend of apple and pear varieties.
The Zeffer story began a few years back when its founders, Sam and Hannah, developed a taste for cider while travelling through Europe.

Upon arriving home to Matakana, Sam decided to focus his eight years of winemaking experience into making a premium cider previously unseen in New Zealand. Hannah, fed up with rush hour traffic and keen to get back to her country roots, decided to join Sam in his quest and from there the Zeffer Brewing Co. began.

A modest trial year in 2009 was met with a huge response and the past few years have seen a steady increase in production to meet the ever-increasing kiwi thirst for cider.  Fruit is sourced direct from New Zealand growers and then freshly crushed on site at the Zeffer cidery.  Produced in small batches, there is minimal intervention through the cider making process, allowing natural flavours and aromas to develop. Still made in Matakana but now distributed nationwide by Eurovintage, Zeffer’s main focus continues to be on quality.

Sourcing the best fruit from around New Zealand to create ciders that are naturally dry with no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or colourings. Their product range includes Apple. Pear and Slack Ma Girdle with the latter being a premium cider made with 50 specialised cider apple varieties.