Ceres Organics have created two new products that harness the power of hemp. Hemp is still very much a trending food after its legalisation late last year, and with good reason. It contains nine essential amino acids, quality protein and a favourable omega profile. These are the first organic peanut butters with hemp inclusion to hit NZ supermarket shelves. Plus, there’s has double the amount of hemp as others in the global marketplace.

Peanut Butter Hemp has the usual peanut punch you’d expect, with a touch of green from whole hemp seeds. While the Cacao variant is an indulgent experience that will have consumers spreading it thick and coming back for more.

Certified organic by BioGro, these spreads aren’t just super for your body, but for earth too – organic growing respects and enlivens the environment it’s grown in, and the environments of the people along its journey.

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