Enjoying Classic Tea Blends Without Caffeine

Dilmah Decaf

As people become more health-conscious, decaf tea is gaining wider acceptance for retaining regular tea's health benefits and goodness while reducing the caffeine content in each cup.​ The Decaf Tea segment is growing three times faster than the Tea Category.

Consumers sensitive to caffeine want healthy, plant-based beverages suitable for any time of the day.

Catering to this trend, Dilmah has launched the new Dilmah Decaf English Breakfast and Dilmah Decaf Earl Grey.

They come in a handy 20-pack of tagged teabags for maximum convenience while offering new occasions for consumers to indulge in a hot ‘cuppa’.

Dilmah prides itself on using a natural CO2 method to extract caffeine. Not only is it considered the safest and most eco-friendly process, but it also retains greater levels of flavour and health-giving antioxidants. It retains naturally occurring L-Theanine, which is well known to assist with cognitive function.