Before being bottled direct from source, the water contained in Ō Pure Water has been making its way through the natural filtering process for 250,000 years without being touched by man. This is what gives this product its soft taste and natural blend of minerals.
Ō Pure is a 100 percent NZ-owned, natural artesian spring water that comes in different formats to meet all hydration needs. The single serve 330ml and 500ml bottles are great for the on-the-go, whilst the 12 x 330ml multi-unit retail pack is perfect to have in the fridge, and a great alternative to sugary drinks in lunches.
Extremely practical to use, the 10L ‘Bag in Box’ is environmentally friendly, with excellent value and low carbon footprint. Ideal for bulk home use, holidays and boating, it is a superior product to traditional water coolers, due to no tap contamination and air contamination, as Ō Pure Bag in Box remains under vacuum.