Arm yourself with lots of napkins and prepare to get messy! Beak & Sons BBQ Pork Ribs are the perfect combination of meaty St Louis cut ribs and marinade, slow cooked so they’re tender and full of flavour – melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness! Available in two flavours, from the butchery chiller: Smoky Hickory and Chinese Hoisin. Super convenient and easy to prepare – already slow cooked for convenience, they take less than ten minutes to heat on the BBQ or under the grill.

Convenience is such a huge driving force in the food sector today, however, as much we like to watch people creating or posting online about their amazing meals, there is often little time to replicate these dishes at home for our families and friends.

Beak & Sons slow cooked meat range was created with busy consumers in mind, who are always on the hunt for quick, convenient, inspiring meal options. The inspiration behind the new range came from an increased interest in food from the Southern States of America. Smoky BBQ, slow-cooked flavours have never been more popular or more in demand! Beak & Son's ribs draw on the slow cooking and ‘melt in the mouth’ textures of the American food movement and are full of flavour.

The popularity of pre-cooked products that simply need to be heated is on the rise with consumers continuing to seek products that save preparation time and are easy to use. Time-consuming and/or technically completed cuts may have once been overlooked because of the lengthy cooking time required, but consumers can now get the fantastic tenderness and flavours in a matter of minutes by simply reheating. Beak & Sons have taken all the hard work out and have taken care of the preparation, the seasoning and cooking.

New Beak & Sons slow-cooked pork ribs are a great option for an easy inspiring quick weeknight meal or weekend gatherings. Perfect for sharing & feeding a crowd.

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