Nourish Healthy Food bars was created as a labour of love by John Matsis. They provide a range of protein and fibre-rich snack bars made with 100% natural ingredients.

What is your company background, how did you start the business? 

"My passion for health, wellbeing and fitness helped me identify a demand for a healthy, satisfying snack made from nutrient rich whole foods. With a degree in food technology and 20 years in the food industry under my belt, I went about crafting a solution. My innate interest in ‘nutrient dense’ food and attention to detail allowed meto, metaphorically and physically, pull apart the ‘everyday’ food bar and critique it through the eyes of both a creator in the food industry and as a health-conscious consumer. Ongoing minor (but annoying) health issues also directly influenced the outcome of the bars, as I was periodically dealing with excessive tiredness, brain fade, joint stiffness, and Gout (ouch!). I decided it was time to take action. After months of trial and error, I uncovered the optimum blend of protein from whey, soluble & insoluble fibre and unsaturated fats from premium nuts, which satisfied my craving for an all-in-one health food source. I appropriately named mycreation ‘Nourish’."

What is the current product range and variants and how do these products stand out in the market? 

"The new range of Nourish bars are made from a potent mix of protein (12g) and fibre (7g) and good fats. Proven to keep you fuller for longer, energized/revitalized, strong and lean. Nourish bars have been ordained with the Coeliac NZ Cross Grain. We use only 100% natural ingredients that are nutrient rich and have no added refined sugars, additives or preservatives. We freshly roast our nuts to ensure fantastic aromas and crunch. We use Heilala Vanilla 100% natural ground Vanilla beans from Tonga and amazing cocoa liquor which is a silky rich dark cocoa that is used for making chocolate.  The current range of Nourish bars consists of the following classic pairings:

Honey & Almond | Cacao & Hazelnut |Vanilla & Walnut

Our packaging is very striking and full for colour and life.  Opting for a crisp Swiss style design which draws the customer in and creates some intrigue."

Has there been any recent company news? 

"We are currently focusing on building the brand and increasing exposure though activity in social media, exhibitions and in-store tastings. This has been great fun, and a fantastic way to interface directly with our future customers.  By undertaking this approach we find that we are better able to understand what’s trending through direct interaction with our customers.  This then allows us to create an offering this is shaped by the feedback."

What are the plans for the business moving forward, is there any expansion on the horizon? 

"As we are a new company, we are focusing on cementing ourselves as a trusted and innovative company.  We are aiming for Nourish bars to become the go-to snack for convenient everyday nourishment in today’s busy world. We do have line extensions in the pipeline already, and will continue with these once we have more data on the 3 current varieties our customers enjoy most."

Where are your products currently available to buy, and are you looking at or wanting to expand your availability? 

"Our business is based in Wellington so naturally we have a strong focus on this region.  Nourish bars are currently available through online sales on our website, selected grocers and gyms in our region, as well as New World and Pak-n-Save in the Lower North Island.  We are also listed in selected pharmacies and health stores nationwide.  As the business grows we would like to expand into the remaining FMCG territories and Progressive stores nationwide."

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