Pascal’s produce a traditional French style pork pâté in a 160g glass jar, the only preserved shelf stable pâté made in New Zealand.

“It is much coarser and tastier than what Kiwis have come to know as pâté and does not contain any butter, cream or dairy product,” owner Pascal said.

All ingredients are sourced in New Zealand, except the wild mushroom. The pâté is gluten and dairy free, and is preserved using heat treatment only. Pascal’s has a range of three flavours, Traditional, Smoked Paprika and Wild Mushroom. Pascal was born and grew up in the South of France and moved to New Zealand in 2003. By 2007, inspired by his grandmother's traditional preserve porc pâté, he managed to glean the recipe and started making it at home. Sharing his pâté with friends and acquaintances, Pascal was encouraged to think about starting a small business to produce and sell commercially. In 2013 the opportunity arose to work full time on making the business a reality. Pascal’s is based in Wellington and sold throughout New Zealand in specialised gourmet food shops.

“We are a small company making genuine artisan products. Our aim is to keep growing our trade and share wonderful true traditional pâté with all New Zealand meat lovers,” Pascal said.

Pascal’s is progressively expanding and has finalised an agreement with Foodstuffs North Island, and within the next month should be available at New Worlds throughout the North Island. Pascal’s intend to follow soon with Foodstuffs South Island.

For more information contact Pascal on 022 199 0221 or email