Sallys are makers of gourmet jams, chutneys, sauces, mustards and pastes. Sallys are currently at the Christchurch Farmers Market at Deans Bush and have been invited to the Rudolph Steiner Fair and the Halswell monthly market. “We produce a range of gift crates that are handmade by my husband Ian who now has his own ‘Grandpa’s shed’ to make them in,” Sally Holt, owner of Sallys said. Several real estate agents and associated companies are using the crates as client gifts. Sallys successfully produced a Father’s Day crate and are currently working on a selection of crates for Christmas.

“Sallys is the product of my passion to cook, for my family, my extended family and people I don’t know. Coming from a long line of bakers, cooks and chefs, I’ve always loved cooking and enjoying good food. I love trying and creating recipes,” Holt said.

The ingredients are fresh, some spicy. Flavours include tomato sauce, spicy BBQ sauce, strawberry, balsamic and black pepper jam, blackberry, vanilla and basil jam, pear and ginger chutney, beetroot and orange chutney, chilli jam, plum paste, pear and cabernet paste and wholegrain guinness mustard.

For more information contact Sally Holt on 022 350 3318 or