Anuga Spotlight | Oddlygood


Oddlygood comes from Finland, a Nordic country known for its top-notch innovations across many categories, including the food industry. Starting in 2018, a small start-up team in Finland who were passionate about changing boring advertising and bland healthy food. 

Creating an oat-based Gurt, Oddlygood was named because of how surprisingly delicious plant-based food can be. With its mission to change the world with incredible taste, Oddlygood believes that the world doesn’t change fast enough if plant-based food doesn’t taste good enough, which is why taste is Oddlygood’s top priority.

“We promise to offer world-rocking tasty plant-based products to everyone, including vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, and all the tasty-tarians out there,” said Oddlygood’s Global CMO, Nina Gillsvik.

Oddlygood hopes that plant-based will no longer be seen as an alternative but as the best choice.

Offering a wide range of yummy-tasting plant-based products, where taste and quality are at the core, each product is 100 percent taste-based, plant-based, gluten-free, and palm-oil-free. Oddlygood has also earned recognition with the prestigious Great Taste Award for various Oddlygood products, including its Barista Oat, Barista Vanilla, Dreamy Dessert Berries, Dreamy Dessert Caramel, and Mango Gurt one litre.

With the growing awareness among consumers globally regarding planetary and personal health, which is increasing the interest towards plant-based products, Oddlygood plant-based products cater to this consumer trend. However, taste is still one of the most significant barriers to using plant-based products, which is also why Oddlygood exists: to offer world-rocking tasty products.

Oddlygood offers dairy alternatives to milk, yoghurt, cheese and cooking products.

Two of its most loved and unique product ranges are its Oddlygood Barista Oat drinks and Oddlygood Dreamy desserts. 

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