Anuga Spotlight | Party Bugs

Party Bugs

Party Bugs are the world's first edible insect products branded as party snacks. CEO of Party Bugs, Pasi Porkka, stated that many of the brand's competitors buy private label-flavoured insects and sell the same products under different brands. 

Party Bugs' unique seasoning method ensures that its insect snacks are not copies but instead a unique, delicious, and leading insect food product brand on the market.

The edible insect market is growing, with many startups and companies entering the space. As more products become available, consumers have a more comprehensive selection of options. This also means that edible insect snacks offer the chance to educate consumers about insect consumption's environmental and nutritional benefits. Companies in this market can engage in awareness campaigns, fostering greater understanding and acceptance of edible insects.

As most Party Bugs' competitors use doypacks, it packs its products in luxurious, shiny cardboard pouches, making them stand out on supermarket shelves. 

"Party Bugs emphasises the positive with its 'let's party and enjoy life'," said Porkka. 

With the ethos that eating should be fun and delicious, Party Bugs is designed to be a fun and delicious treat, its features of being healthier and saving the planet being a bonus. 

Driven by the sustainable protein revolution, Party Bugs insect products are rich in essential nutrients such as protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Insect farming is also more environmentally sustainable than traditional livestock farming, as insects require less water, land, and food and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. This appeals to environmentally-conscious consumers seeking eco-friendly food options. With the diversity offered by using a range of edible insects, Party Bugs offers diverse flavour options to appeal to a broad consumer base. 

"They can be seasoned and prepared in various ways to create distinctive and enticing taste profiles, attracting adventurous eaters." 

The cultural diversity of insect consumption appeals to consumers' desire for global food and flavour experiences. With its long history in many cultures worldwide, it adds an element of cultural authenticity and diversity to snack markets where insect consumption hasn't or does not occur often. This also makes Party Bugs' products a novelty for customers in these snack markets, which are increasingly important and sought out by consumers. 

Party Bugs products are allergy-friendly, and there is an option for customers to personalise products concerning flavouring and preparation, helping cater to customers' dietary-specific needs. 

Porkka said that various edible insect products are entering the market, including burgers, pasta, and protein bars, with each manufacturer and producer creating greater awareness around edible insects and helping mainstream the snack option. 

"Insect food startups see each other as allies rather than competitors."