Anuga Spotlight | SCRAEGG


Inspired by the milk frother of a coffee machine in a friend's café, founder of SCRAEGG Florian Hofbauer took this idea further, developed a prototype of the SCRAEGG machine and founded the company SCRAEGG in 2018. It prepares food using hot steam, like a milk frother. Initially, the SCRAEGG machine was used to prepare scrambled eggs. However, Hofbauer quickly discovered that other meals, such as porridge or soups, could also be prepared with quality excellence using the SCRAEGG machine.

“Right from the very first SCRAEGG appliances, freshly scrambled eggs could be prepared in just 15 seconds,” said Susi Renz, head of marketing at SCRAEGG.

“With SCRAEGG, nothing stands in the way of preparing portions of fresh and healthy food in just a few seconds”

SCRAEGG caters to consumer trends for healthy, quickly prepared, portion-orientated food and also for vegan diets. All meals are ready in just a few seconds and are completely fat-free thanks to steaming with hot water vapour.

Its current product range includes the SCRAEGG Pro machine, accessories such as production cups, sustainable to-go cups, sustainable to-go cutlery, POS material, as well as healthy, additive-free porridges (apple-cinnamon, chocolate-banana, berry; only available from large quantities) and soups (tomato, pumpkin-carrot; only available from large quantities).

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