Healthy Diets And Sustainable Production At Anuga 2023

Press conference anuga

With interactive new networking formats, a conference programme in cooperation with Anuga HORIZON and a Communication Breakfast for the journalists at the trade fair and successful food start-ups, EIT Food, Europe's largest innovation hub for healthy and sustainable diets, is going to be represented at Anuga 2023 for the first time.

Founded by the European Union and, simultaneously, Europe's largest innovation hub for healthy and sustainable food production, EIT Food is the official partner of Anuga this year.

The big goal is the transition of the food system over to sustainable and healthy diets. In this connection, EIT Food supports Anuga with experts, networking events for the food industry with innovative newly-founded companies and new, deep dives for the media.

EIT Food intends to get the innovations onto the consumers' plates faster.

In the scope of a free conference programme in cooperation with Anuga HORIZON, the contact points between the food industry and young start-ups will be examined closely. For instance, the young start-up Mushlabs from Hamburg will report on its steps to ensure its successful market entry and new cooperation with the beer producer Bitburger.

As a significant component of EIT Food's network, science is also on board at the conference of the 'Innovator's Toolbox: How food innovations arise from customer insights'.

The title of the lecture of Professor Dr. Carsten Demmings from the Baden-Württemberg Dual Studies High School, where visitors are invited to attend four lectures and a subsequent panel discussion as part of the conference programme of Anuga HORIZON on Tuesday, 10 October, under the title 'Innovation: From the niche to success with start-ups'.

The conference takes place from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon in the Konrad-Adenauer-Saal on the ground floor of the Congress Centre North.

It will be followed directly by the interactive format 'meet the experts', where EIT Food will bring together many recognised experts from the food sector, industry and science and EIT Food itself.

With short time slots like speed dating, many interested parties and trade fair visitors are to be allowed to pose questions and receive initial answers about new developments, the transition of the food system over to sustainable and more healthy diets, the right touchpoints for business cooperations in this section, but also to learn about networks that enable the sector to get to know the ideas of the food start-ups in Europe. Matters of a more special nature, like support programmes for young founders and the related right contacts, will also be included in the 'meet the experts' format. Among others, the experts comprise the Director of Innovations at EIT Food, Dr Adam M. Adamek, for the contacts to the industry of the European Network, Head of Corporate Venturing, Dr Christoph Mandl, and scientists and representatives from the industry.

Together with Anuga, EIT Food offers a Communication Breakfast for the media on Sunday. While enjoying a vegetarian breakfast, the journalists can get to know EIT Food and its many tasks and activities in the European Union and directly become acquainted with new products during a pitch by two start-ups from the programmes of EIT Food.

For example, Crafting Future from Hanover is combating disposable packaging waste in the gastronomy trade with the help of innovative reusable containers. The theme of reusable is being less and more intensively discussed at the EU level in the face of the proposed packaging regulation (PPWR). A survey by Greenpeace revealed that 52 percent of the affected businesses in Germany, for example, don't comply with the obligation and don't offer any reusable alternatives for takeaway food and beverages.

"We aim to support business catering in successfully implementing reusable systems and pushing forward the transition to a sustainable future," emphasised Jan Patzer from Crafting Future. Crafting Future offers valuable resources and practice-oriented solutions in a Reusable Guide so that "the advantages of reusability can be optimally exploited in business catering."

During the Communication Breakfast, the second start-up from Berlin will present an alternative to the endangered tuna, considered over-fished at over 60 percent of the population. Bettaf!sh successfully produces its products from European organic seaweed cultivated in collaboration with local farms in Norway and Ireland.

"For us, the seas take priority, and with them, fantastic taste experiences. Our "fishy alternatives" are thus 100 percent plant-based and full of protein," explained Lilith Gawol from Bettaf!sh.

"This means having "tuna" cream on one's sandwich or "tuna" pizza is still possible. And, of course, there is the chance to sample everything at the vegetarian press breakfast."

The Communication Breakfast invitations will be sent to the press in good time.

At its stand right next to Entrance North of the trade fair, EIT Food will present an outlook of true success stories of cooperation between start-ups and the food industry to the trade audience: Over 20 start-ups from all over Europe from the Rising Food Stars premium programme will be present there over the days of the fair.

Dr Georg Schirrmacher, Director of EIT Food Region West, said EIT Food was convinced of the transformative potential of young companies.

"We particularly consider cooperation between innovative start-ups and established companies and networking between all of the players that primarily occupy themselves with the transformation in the food sector to be key factors for positive change and for overcoming the current challenges in the agricultural and food industries."

He continued that he firmly believed that more visibility and translation of scientific results, adapted to suit a broad trade audience and the public, will accelerate the essential transition of the food system over to sustainable and healthy diets."