Located in Rhine Valley in West Germany, Van Nahmen is a family business in its fourth generation. Both tradition and innovation play a key role in their family history. “Our company was founded as the Rheinische Apfelkraufabrik, a producer of apple butter, in 1917. We celebrated our 100th anniversary in September,” explained Maike Möllenbeck. “In 1930, we began the production of apple juice. Since 2005, we produce single varietal juices, primarily apple juices from old varieties like Rote Sternrenette or Kaiser Wilhem.”

Their Rhubarb Nectar is popular for its versatility and can be consumed pure, as a spritzer or with sparkling wine as an aperitif. “In our Region, it’s also often mixed with vodka and vanilla sugar as a liqueur. Containing 70 percent direct pressed juice, this high quality is possible is because they use a special mild variety of rhubarb which is fully ripe when processed. “That is very important. The rhubarb comes from a local farmer 20km away from our company.”

Van Nahmen has around 60 different products and is targeted at consumers who enjoy quality products and want to treat themselves to something special. The demographic also targets cooks, sommeliers, vegans, and other high-end customers.

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