Sonatural Juices is a Portuguese company who are leaders in the Europe of Cold Pressed and HPP juices. Their juices offer a different approach to the cold pressed and HPP juices as their products are produced in Portugal with the best fresh produce from the Mediterranean. Customers are becoming more global and educated, and tend to search for different flavours that allow them to ‘travel’ with taste. Sonatural doesn’t use concentrates, doesn’t add water, sugar or preservatives to their juices. All products are NON-GMO. Sonatural Juices deliver truly natural flavour and colour due to the all fresh and natural ingredients. They never heat their juices, and use the high-pressure process (HPP) to keep the unique quality of their fresh juices. The HPP stabilises their juices and retains all of the vitamins, colours and flavours inside. With an 80-day refrigerated shelf life, Sonatural can make its way to your stores with a comfortable shelf life. Currently exporting their juices more than 20 countries worldwide.

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