Founded by Natalia Schindler in Vienna in 2014, BELORGANIC’s hero product is their Absolutely Wild BIRCH POWER which was selected as this year’s Top Innovation at ANUGA. As the first company on the market to offer pure organic birch water at an affordable price, their products are lower in calories than coconut water. Using traditional tapping methods, they obtain birch sap from wild harvests in Northern Europe which makes their products high in minerals. One bottle of Absolutely Wild has enough manganese to satisfy your recommended daily allowance. Available in nine flavours, it is perfect for anyone.

Schindler grew up in Northeast Europe and East Asia, and as a child, she regularly participated in the wild harvests of birch sap and discovered its many benefits. BELORGANIC brought the centuries-old knowledge and experience of birch sap to Austria, exports throughout Europe and now also to the USA and Asia.

BELORGANIC would be pleased to have a partner in New Zealand who imported Absolutely Wild. If you are interested, please contact Norbert Schindler at