The Success Of FHA Food & Beverage 2023


After a captivating opening ceremony, FHA-Food and Beverage 2023, held at the Singapore EXPO from April 25 to 28, 2023, unfolded seamlessly across Halls 3 to 6. The event proved successful, attracting food and beverage stakeholders and enthusiasts globally. With exhibitions spanning 68 diverse group pavilions, feature zones, competitions, and various activities, the four-day extravaganza drew a remarkable turnout of 50,221 attendees, including exhibitors, visitors, trade professionals, and food and beverage enthusiasts.

Under the theme "The Sustainable Food Future of Asia," the event kicked off with a compelling speech by Guest-of-Honour Mr Alvin Tan, Singapore's Minister of State for Trade and Industry, as well as Culture, Community, and Youth. Other representatives followed suit, echoing the commitment to spearheading a sustainable food and beverage industry.

FHA-Food & Beverage spotlighted sustainable food innovations and education for current and future food and beverage stakeholders. Specialised feature zones like Alternative Protein Asia and Food Technology showcased innovative technologies and novel foods as solutions to sustainability challenges. The event also prioritised education, with seminars covering the importance of Halal matters and achieving a zero-carbon footprint in the industry.

The focus on the new generation of food and beverage talents was evident as the event welcomed students from local institutions. Renowned chefs conducted masterclasses to pass on their knowledge, and the inaugural Young Talents Escoffier featured culinary competitions, highlighting emerging talent from across Asia.

In the culinary category, Team Singapore emerged as the winner, while in the service category, the honours also went to Team Singapore. A unique component, the Presidents Team Bonding Mystery Box Challenge, encouraged collaboration between different teams, fostering a healthy exchange of ideas.

Adding another layer of excitement, the first-ever FHA Beer Awards celebrated the diversity and creativity of the brewing scene. With over 137 entries, the competition recognised outstanding beers, including the intriguing Cherry Blossom Saison by the Sunbird Brewing Company.

The event's hosted buyer program facilitated over 3,800 valuable meetings, connecting businesses with clients and showcasing products and services annually. This shift to an annualised format successfully created value for buyers and sellers, fostering high engagement and productivity.

FHA-Food & Beverage 2023, with its inclusive platform, has emerged as a global hub for food and beverage industry stakeholders, fostering meaningful conversations on sustainable solutions. FHA-Food & Beverage is poised to lead the way with each thoughtfully planned edition as the industry embraces a future characterised by novel foods and groundbreaking innovations.