DAY 18
Hellers - Salami

Hellers travel far and wide in search of exotic new spices and flavours. And when discovered, they combine them with their own locally produced meats to create a range is truly unique, and truly Kiwi. This includes their tasty cold meats range. Anything from Salami to Shaved Hams, Hellers have you sorted.

Adding to this range is the convenient Salami Chub. These versatile continental meats come in four popular flavours; Danish, Pepperoni, Dutch-Lean, and Italian. Featuring their handy re-sealable packs, these chubs are perfect to keep on hand. Picnics, platters, sandwiches, no matter the occasion, Hellers have you covered this summer!

For more information visit www.hellers.co.nz or call 03 375 5017.