When cashing up, there are two ways; the manual way, and the Tellermate Touch way. Which one do you use?

Getting under the skin of a retailer and understanding their culture and process when it comes to handling cash is key to the success, according to loss prevention experts Tellermate. The art of observation and spotting the chinks in a seemingly impenetrable armour is a long-developed skill and demonstrates just how much the team understands what really goes on at the customers’ tills. Access to this expertise is vital to retailers truly committed to tackling staff fraud, so that they can effectively combine the latest electronic cash counting technology with the people management systems. This ensures that nothing is left to chance and temptation is never an option for staff.

This holistic philosophy runs through the 30-year history of the Tellermate Group and has helped the company to build a customer base that covers more than 250,000 users in over 30 countries, between them counting over £1bn every day in more than 20 currencies. Based in Newport, South Wales, Tellermate works with retailers large and small and many worldwide organisations such as Burger King, Disney, H&M, McDonald’s and Apple. In New Zealand, all major banks and grocery chains have relied on Tellermate solutions to help manage counting cash accurately.

Tellermate is a provider of cash management solutions to the retail, grocery, foodservice and financial industries, deployed across numerous Fortune 500 companies. The company is the inventor of count-by-weight technology and the intelligent cash drawer, and its technology processes over $1 billion daily across the globe. Tellermate’s mission is to improve the profitability of its customers by providing next generation end-to-end cash management solutions, from innovative software to connected cash-counting products.

The Tellermate Touch is a smart scale that assists with cashing up and banking preparation. Its touchscreen and wireless capability keep users connected on the go.

The new Tellermate Touch is the most-connected cash counter on the market. Not only does it boast improved functionality, an enhanced user journey and an impressive 7.6-inch touchscreen, but the Touch can print wirelessly or via a Bluetooth printer. Users can even connect to back-office systems using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB or Ethernet connectivity. Count data can then easily be exported into a file that’s compatible with a company’s back-office PCs or mobile devices. This generates a detailed audit trail of the store’s cash.

The addition of the Tellermate Touch App can provide store owners with instant visibility of cash counts across multiple locations. It allows users to check that stores have completed their cash counts from instore, home, or on the move. Imagine having full access to the cash count broken down into notes and coins with date and time stamps of how long each cash count took, and when they were completed. Users can export this data with a single click.

The Tellermate technology makes it easy to cash-out, prepare start-of-day, bank deposits and reduce discrepancies. Its intuitive touchscreen interface makes it easier to enter balances, reference numbers and media items so that users can reconcile their cash drawer in under one minute.

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