Burns & Ferrall offered a sneak peek of the grand prize for its Great Container Kitchen Giveaway this afternoon, the culmination of months of work. Staff from Burns & Ferrall gathered at CSL Containers for the unveiling of the Great Container Kitchen, ahead of its first public display at Fine Foods New Zealand.

“It’s great to see all the hard work finally come together,” said Tony Broome, CEO of Burns & Ferrall. “I’m really proud of the team and everyone who has been involved. It’s a fantastic result.”

The container, part of Burns & Ferrall’s 70th anniversary celebrations, houses a fully equipped, fully functional commercial kitchen, worth over $125,000. Working with the constraints of a container has its challenges, but 70 years of experience meant that there were very few hiccups.

The container kitchen has a number of features specially tailored for the space. The Winterhalter dishwasher has a steam-recycling unit which saves both water and power, while the door and windows have been constructed to allow for maximum airflow. The entire space has been constructed for ease of movement and maximum storage space, with every part of the container utilised.

Anyone can enter the competition to win the container kitchen. Spend $1000 or more with Burns & Ferrall to automatically go into the draw. The competition runs from 1 June 2018 to 31 January 2019, with the winner to be announced at the FoodFirst Gala Dinner on 11 March 2019, held as part of the FoodFirst Expo on 11 and 12 March. Sponsors include RATIONAL, BDR Max, Garland, Winterhalter, Turbo Air, Frymaster, Silverchef, CSL Containers, Restaurant & Café Magazine, Project Floors, Food First, Staybrite Stainless Fabricators, T&S, Nuovair and Contract Flooring.