Fresh To Go is a Kiwi success story serving freshly-made salads and healthy snacks to thriving food retailers nationwide. With their offer of healthy, delicious and nutritious products, they keep your customers coming back for more.

What makes their products so special is their commitment to fresh. They only use the best, high-quality ingredients, prepared six days a week by their fantastic team in Penrose. A lot of Fresh To Go’s products are Cold Pasteurised™ (high-pressure processed) so that freshness is naturally preserved without additives or preservatives. All the flavour and nutrients are retained, but you get up to 21 days shelf life when kept refrigerated in their packaging, eliminating expensive waste.

All of their products are convenience-focused, from their bulk supply salads that are ready-to-go—all you need to do is pop them into a serving bowl—to their delicious, new grab-and-go salads that are perfect for Kiwis on the run.

Fresh salads are a staple, but with Fresh To Go ready-made salads you are guaranteed quality produce, far less preparation time and radically reduced wastage.

Convenience continues to sing through their breakfast, healthy snack and cut fruit ranges, ensuring ease for both you and your customers.

The market has shown an increased demand not only for healthy food options, but convenient products too. This has led Fresh To Go to develop their delicious layered salad range that have and continue to be a huge hit, and the company has more fresh convenient foods to come.

Fresh To Go: 100% fresh, 100% convenient, 100% delicious. Order yours today!