You could go a long way to find bao buns this good, but thanks to United Food Co. you won’t have to. This new range of traditional steamed buns is inspired by the exotic aromas and hustle & bustle of Asia’s famous street food markets. Perfected over generations, these lightly steamed buns are ready to fill with fresh, punchy flavours. A huge trend in restaurants right now and so easy to prepare at home, they can be filled with ingredients like crispy fish, prawns, pulled pork, fried chicken or braised short rib. So why resist? Offer your customers genuine Asian inspiration now. Steamed or microwaved, they’re an easy go-to snack or meal the whole family can enjoy.

To order or find out more about this great new range of authentic, ready-to-serve products, contact United Fisheries Marketing team and follow them on Facebook - United Food Co.