There is an explosion of innovation in Frucor’s juice range this month with a number of new products and ideas being sold in. While the company runs only three brands, Just Juice, McCoy and Citrus Tree, a number of new ideas will be seen in each of these brands in October.

McCoy is being re-launched in slick new black packaging to give it more shelf appeal and cement its position, Frucor says, as the most premium shelf stable juice range in supermarkets. “We have also improved our McCoy formulations with no artificial flavours, colours or added preservatives.” Said Senior Brand Manager Joel Reichardt “McCoy is currently growing at over 16 percent according to the latest IRI-Aztec MarketEdge Scan and we are looking forward to this continue with the relaunch.”

Two new McCoy flavours will also hit the market this month in the one litre range – Pomegranate and Pink Lady Apple. Frucor is also expanding its Just Juice 50 percent Less Sugar range with three new flavours – Orange & Mango, Orange & Apple and Strawberry & Kiwifruit.

This range has been a strong success for the company with a reported 32 percent growth in the past year to mid-July. And for Citrus Tree, there is a refreshing new look to the packaging artwork and with the change to a new 2.4l bottle; it will be promoted alongside the Just Juice bottle range.