Foxton Fizz is one of the true tested kiwi icons. First brewed in a Foxton shed in 1918 the same recipe continues to delight and refresh thirsty kiwi’s today.

Traditional summer staples like Raspberry and Creaming Soda sit alongside Kola, Lemonade and Lime, to complete the fizzy line-up. Recently rebranded back to the original label design and complimented with a new twist-off crown the “New Old Foxton Fizz” is ready to welcome summer with open arms. Supported by a social media push and a long list of dedicated distributors across the country, Foxton Fizz is a must on your stocklist and in the fridge this summer.

Owner and managing director Matt Watson talks passionately about what Foxton Fizz means to him and the importance of this next step in Foxton Fizz’s future. “When we rescued this brand just under 10 years ago we wanted to ensure we helped Foxton Fizz return to its rightful place among iconic kiwi brands,” said Watson. “We feel this rebrand, taking us back to a refined version of the original label design alongside the re-introduction of the crown is a good step in this direction.” The company is confident Foxton Fizz is going to fly off the shelves this summer so ensure you have some in stock today.

To contact Foxton Fizz send an email to office.foxtonfizz@gmail.com or call 04 974 6568.