With over 20 million sachets sold each month, Bolero’s convenient and healthy powdered drink sachets are a bighit with consumers to keep hydrated.

Bolero Classic (9g sachet) is available in over 30 different and distinct fruit flavours such as apple, forest fruits, honey melon, kiwi, peach, watermelon and blueberry. Bolero Ice Tea (8g sachet) is made from natural black tea extract and available in three flavours including peach, lemon and passionfruit.


Each sachet makes at least 1.5l of fruit flavoured drink. The sachets can also be used to flavour milkshakes, ice blocks, jelly or as an additive in cooking. Bolero sachets are 100 percent sugar free and contain no preservatives, artificial colours, are gluten free and are low in carbohydrates with less than five calories per serving. All Bolero flavours are available in a convenient 12-sachet display box.

For more information contact peter@bolerodrinks.co.nz.