The Natural Confectionery Co has released a range of 25 per cent less sugar jellies. For the last three years, the team at Natural confectionery in Victoria, Australia have been working tirelessly to create a jelly that is not only better for consumers, but that still tastes great.

The range showcases three variants; Sugar Snakes, Sugar Frogs and Sugar Fruit Basket with no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and 25 percent less sugar.

“We know that treats play a special role in people’s lives as a moment of indulgence and fun, and we’re all becoming a bit more focused on wellbeing and our food choices. The new 25% Less Sugar jellies provide a treat which meets the growing demand for reduced sugar options, without compromising on the great taste or quality that people expect from The Natural Confectionery Co,” said Robin Rosman, Associate director for candy marketing.