Scandinavian insect food brand, Entis has launched a new protein powder that is dairy, gluten and soy-free.

The protein powder is made from vegetable proteins and crushed crickets as crickets are high in vitamin B12, iron, zinc and dietary fibre.

“Our goal was to upgrade protein powders to the next level. It enhances the amino acid profile of the pea and pumpkin protein we’ve chosen to use,” said CEO, Samuli Taskila.

Insect rearing produces 98 percent less greenhouse gas emission and requires much less water and land to farm compared to livestock.

“The protein market has been dominated by whey protein which is made of milk. We wanted a great-tasting powder that isn’t made of milk and is more stomach-friendly,” Taskila added.

Entis is launching this innovative product across Europe and hopes to eventually expand globally.