Reports are circulating stating that Amazon is planning the launch of a further 3000 Amazon Go cashless stores by 2021. News site Bloomberg has said that the expansion won’t be cheap with the company’s Seattle store costing $1.4 million in hardware alone.

Amazon uses a similar technology to that of driverless cars. The tech uses computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning to detect the products customers have picked up off the shelf. An app is used by customers to check into the store, and then they are charged upon their departure. The process involves no scanning of products.

After opening its first store earlier this year, Amazon has opened an additional three stores in Seattle and Chicago with plans to open a further two in New York and San Francisco. Other Supermarket chains have also begun to trial checkout free formats. Albertsons has already announced plans to open similar stores while in the UK Sainsbury’s has trailed cashier-less stores.