New Zealand is one of only two countries to export more than half its total food production, with Singapore being its seventh largest export market. Recently, NZ's latest food offerings have been showcased at Food&HotelAsia2016 in Singapore, and thanks to a special partnership with Samsung, visitors even had the chance to virtually step into our country using a Samsung Gear headset.

“Every day, our more than 2,600 food producers create mouthwatering and nutritious foods to suit every palate in Asia, all in safe, sustainable and pristine conditions,” said Tony Robinson, New Zealand trade commissioner to Singapore, NZTE.
Among the newly-launched Kiwi products:
- Spring Sheep Milk Co., manufacturing luxurious, creamy and healthy NZ sheep milk products, including a milk powder suitable for lactose-intolerant consumers;
- Culley’s, with its award-winning hot sauces, such as their signature Kiwi Hot Sauce with kiwi fruit and orange Habanero chillies
- McCashin’s Brewery, bringing its Stoke Beer and Rochdale Cider made from organic hops, bespoke yeast and crystal clear 14,000 year old Palaeo water.

Also featured were ANZCO, Canary Enterprises, Ceres Organics, ENZAFOODS, Dunninghams, Emerald Foods Ltd, Genevieve’s, Highford Marketing Group Ltd, Independent Liquor (NZ), Naturally Pure New Zealand, Rockit, Taylor Pass Honey Co, The New Zealand Dessert Company Limited and Van Dyck Fine Foods.