ASDA, a UK based supermarket chain, has credited its spike in sales to its increasing range of vegan food products. Following the companies fifth consecutive quarter showing increased profits, the chain credited its positive results to increased popularity online following the launch of the supermarkets vegan range.

As more and more consumers turn towards speciality diets, supermarkets are increasing the number of vegan and meat-free products on their shelves.

Major chain Tesco has credited its vegan ready-meal range, “Wicked Kitchen” to its positive sales results, as did online grocery store Waitrose who reported a rise of 34 per cent in its vegan and vegetarian ranges.

According to results released by Compare the Market, the UK is experiencing a considerable increase in veganism. In the last two years, vegan diets have increased in popularity by an estimated 700 per cent with more and more meat eaters adopting the diet as a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle choice.