Avocado salad kit pack next to a salad bowl
Photo courtesy of Target

Following its launch in September, supermarket chain Target has unveiled its latest selection of private-label brand Good & Gather products. The natural and organic range is the company's most recent effort in investing in the food and beverage grocery section.

"In the rest of the store, we were 'Tar-zhay,' but in food, we were simply functional or transactional," said Stephanie Lundquist, Target's executive vice president of food and beverage during the 2019 Grocery Shop conference.

Since its announcement, Target has rolled out 650 Good & Gather products. The company plans to launch the whole range in late 2020, which will feature over 2,000 items across kids, organic, seasonal and premium product lines.

The product 'favourites' is accompanied by 'tips and tricks' on how to best use in meals. It features Organic Coconut Grain-free Granola, Ginger Peach Sparkling Water, Avocado Toast Chopped Salad Kit, and Korean Style Beef, among many others.