Cutting Prices To Promote Healthy Diets

Tesco UK

Tesco UK has slashed the price of more than 500 household essentials as it helps customers reduce the price of their weekly shop.

Hundreds of products are included in the substantial new price drop, focusing on products bought week-in, week-out, summer favourites, and healthy choices like fruit and veg.

Shoppers will see bills for the more than 500 products drop by an average of 13 percent on everyday items.

The 10p reduction in milk means customers will now pay 20p less for a 4-pint milk bottle than in April.

Tesco Chief Product Officer, Ashwin Prasad, said that the supermarket chain knew that customers were looking for great value more than ever. 

"This huge round of price cuts on 500 key household essentials will help their budgets go a little further."

"With price cuts on products like grapes, peppers, rice and tuna, customers will find it's even cheaper to eat healthily with Tesco this summer."

He continued that Tesco would work closely with its suppliers to pass on price cuts to its customers whenever possible.

To help families with the cost of feeding little ones in the holidays, Tesco has also announced that Kids Eat Free will run again this summer, offering a free children's meal when a paying adult presents their Clubcard and spends as little as 60p in 310 Tesco Cafes across the UK.

The ever-popular offer coincides with the school holidays. It will run on weekdays from 24th July to 1st September in England and Wales, from 3rd July to 1st September in Northern Ireland and from 3rd July to 11th August in Scotland.

The price cut announcement is just the latest price reduction from Tesco, which has slashed the price of crucial household essentials like bread, butter, cooking oil and milk in recent weeks as it works to help families make their shopping budget go further.

Customers can save even more on shopping through Tesco's value offering, including hundreds of staples on Aldi Price Match and more than 1,000 price-locked lines on Low Everyday Prices. Tesco also has over 8,000 exclusive weekly deals on Clubcard Prices, offering up to 50 percent savings on branded and own-brand favourites.