Diverting Food Waste


American Food solutions company SpartanNash recently achieved a significant milestone in collaborating with technology company Flashfood. In its first three years, the company and the app-based marketplace have successfully diverted an impressive one million pounds of food waste and saved families $1.9 million on groceries.

Reducing food waste and providing affordable access to nutrition are critical elements of SpartanNash's environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy, which aims to promote healthy lives and well-being for all.

"At SpartanNash, we're focused on innovative ways to meet shopper needs," said SpartanNash Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Amy McClellan.

"This solution has made a tremendous difference in preventing food waste while helping families save on imperfect produce and other products that might otherwise end up in landfills."

SpartanNash introduced Flashfood, an app empowering shoppers to buy discounted grocery items nearing their best-by date, in Michigan and Indiana through a pilot program with Family Fare and Martin's Super Markets in 2020.

The partnership expanded last year with the addition of 44 Family Fare and VG's Grocery stores in Iowa, Michigan and Nebraska. Shoppers make purchases of fresh and centre store items directly in the app and then pick up their order from the designated ‘Flashfood Zone’ within participating stores.

"Partnerships with mission-aligned grocers like SpartanNash play a vital role in addressing the connected problems of food waste and food insecurity," said Flashfood Head of Impact Brody Slacer.

Slacker continued stating that Flashfood sincerely appreciated SpartanNash’s early commitment to their alliance and the hard work of their team members that have made it all possible.