Enhancing Seafood Accessibility


USA brand, Aquamar, a global leader in seafood products, is introducing Seafood Tenders. This innovative new product offering is the only fully-cooked, refrigerated product in the category. Available in four varieties, smoked salmon, cod, crab, and smoked haddock Aquamar Seafood Tenders are wild-caught, delicious and versatile.

With the launch of this approachable line of premium, ready-to-eat Seafood Tenders, Aquamar is giving seafood lovers what they want, delicious, healthy protein that is affordable and can be easily prepared and enjoyed at home. Aquamar Seafood Tenders contain no bones and are an easy protein add-on for any dish. This breakthrough offering allows retailers the opportunity to provide an easy solution to meet consumer interest in eating more seafood.

"The launch of Aquamar Seafood Tenders is our latest value-added seafood offering where both retailers and consumers will benefit," said Daryl Gormley, CEO, Aquamar, Inc.

Gormley continued that for retailers, easy-to-prepare seafood options are worth an estimated additional USD 8 billion per year, and this innovative new line by Aquamar means adding significantly to their share-of-wallet."

As Aquamar expands beyond surimi into a producer of premium seafood, the company is aligning with heightened consumer interest in sustainability. All Aquamar products, including the Seafood Tenders, are 100 percent wild-caught in an environmentally sustainable way. The company sources the highest quality ingredients possible from fisheries that are as committed to quality and sustainability as they are.