Chocolate brand Hershey’s teams up with Amazon to launch a Halloween-themed landing page on the e-commerce site.

The partnership marks a first for the e-commerce giant and can be attributed to Hershey’s digital commerce team. The collaboration was said to be formed in a bid to translate the promotional displays in traditional retail stores. “We’re not seeing it [online] because we can’t demonstrate it in the same way,” said Brad Santanna digital commerce lead at Hershey’s. “Let’s take those learnings and apply them to the Amazon ecosystem.”

Being able to target consumers in a different way, including acquiring data from online purchasing behaviour is an opportunity for the brand to expand its promotional window in single-day holidays like Mother’s Day.

“Unlike the traditional brick-and-mortar relationship, you’re really diving into analytics and financials. You’re seeing the data of where you want to go. That’s where you make some traction.”