Innovations And Awards At ISM

Custom-made products for the individual consumer were under focus at this year's ISM trade fair. Here the manufacturers took into account the consumers' growing need for a healthier and more sustainable-conscious diet. In addition to vegetarian and vegan as well as gluten-free and lactose-free offers, products with vegetable-based proteins, natural ingredients and sustainably grown raw materials were among the most important trends of the trade fair. A large range of sugar-free/sugar-reduced and fat or salt-reduced sweets and snacks were exhibited at ISM as well.

The top three innovations of the "New Product Showcase" were distinguished again this year. The top winner was: HPW with the Fruit Roll-up from Switzerland, while the second spot went to Katjes Fassin GmbH & Co. for its Hemptastic Hemp Bar from Germany. Roelli Roelli Confectionery took third place with its Roelli Roelli Swiss Cannabis Gum from Switzerland.

In addition to the best innovations, the most innovative packaging was also distinguished – the ISM Packaging Award powered by ProSweets Cologne went to Chocal Aluminiumverpackungen GmbH from Germany for its Chocal paper packaging.

For the sixth time, the ISM Award was presented to honour outstanding achievements in the sweets and snacks industry. This year the award went to Prof. Dr Hermann Bühlbecker, the sole shareholder of the Lambertz Group.