Two new natural sweeteners have been found in Yunnan, China. The sweeteners known as, Myriopteron extensum and Derris eriocarpa both have strong sweet favours that are estimated to be 25 times sweeter than sucrose.

Research done by the Kunming Institute of Botany at the Chinese Academy of Science found 12 new sweet-tasting compounds in the Myriopteron extensum, while Derris eriocarpa was found to have four sweet-tasting compounds.

These compounds found in both the plant and its roots were estimated to be 25 to 400 times sweeter than its sucrose counterpart.

The results come from the first scientific study, investigating sweetness, to be performed on the plants. Researches said the study “provides a theoretical basis for the rational design and development of natural high-potency and non-sugar sweeteners.”

Current natural sweeteners that are available on the market are Stevia rebaudiana and Monk fruit.