Providing Value For Consumers

Tesco uk, express stores

Tesco has announced a significant overhaul to its range of products in Express stores, reinforcing its position as the United Kingdom’s best-value convenience store chain.

The overhaul will see more than 50 vital everyday products replaced with even more keenly-priced alternatives, many from its own-brand range, with some items less than a third of the products they are replacing.

Across the more than 50 products included in the change, shoppers will find that the own-brand alternatives are, on average, over 40 percent cheaper than the products they replace.

The move comes in response to the supermarket’s internal shopping data, showing that price-conscious customers increasingly turn to own-brand products to get great value without compromising quality.

Among the own brand lines being introduced are Tesco penne pasta (85p) and Tesco smooth peanut butter (£1.65), both of which will cost half the price of the previous branded product stocked.

Bags of Tesco frozen garden peas (£1.65), stocked in Express store freezers as part of the change, will be almost 40 percent cheaper than the branded product they are replacing. Tesco basmati rice pouches (75p) will fill the space on the shelves left by a branded equivalent costing 30 percent more.

Some branded lines, including toothpaste, are being replaced by a cheaper branded alternative at less than a third of the price. And to provide better value for parents, Tesco is slashing the price of some packs of branded nappies in Express stores by as much as 40 percent.

Tesco Convenience Managing Director Sarah Lawler said the supermarket knew customers were watching every penny.

“We hope these helpful product swaps will reduce food bills for even more families,” said Lawler.

Tesco’s Express stores offer value on everything from essentials to fresh produce, making healthy food more accessible for the 2,000 communities its serves across the United Kingdom.

“And while our convenience stores don’t have the shelf space to carry the full range of our larger shops, by swapping these products, we’ve made way for even more of our great-value own brand ranges.”

The new products will be delivered to stores over the coming fortnight, with the change-over complete by the end of August.

This latest change is just another way that Tesco delivers excellent value for its Express customers, with Tesco Clubcard holders taking advantage of the supermarket’s Clubcard Prices discounts in Express stores too.