Nestle’s baby food brand Gerber launched a new recyclable packaging program in collaboration with eco-packaging business TerraCycle. The move seeks to provide families with a sustainable option of discarding baby food packaging that is normally hard to recycle.

Parents may sign up in the Gerber Recycling program page to participate and mail in packaging that is not municipally recyclable using a prepaid shipping label. A $1 credit may be earned for every pound of packaging waste sent and may be donated to the collector’s chosen charity.

“We know every parent’s top priority is to ensure a healthy, happy future for their baby,” said Bill Partyka president and CEO at Gerber. “Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in giving parents a hand in making their baby’s future that much brighter.”

The eco-packaging program is part of the company’s goal to achieve 100 percent recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025.