British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has brought back its popular Lego Cards and Official collectors’ albums as an in-store promotion. This year’s cards will showcase world history, teaching children about past inventions with Lego minifigure characters.

Customer will be able to get their pack of cards by spending just ten pounds instore or online at Sainsbury’s. Shoppers are able to purchase an album for the cards for an addition £2.50 which comes with the addition of two free packs.

The supermarket will also host card swaps which will allow children to trade cards in an attempt to gather the complete 140-card collection.

In-store promotions in supermarkets are becoming more appealing to owners as research shows the growing generation of ‘collector kids’. Sainsbury’s research has revealed that 48 percent of UK kids have on average two to three collections, with cards topping the list as the most wanted item.

Sainsbury’s isn’t the only supermarket harnessing the power of the collector kids. New World has had in-store collection promotions for years with Little Shop and Little garden being wildly popular. This year Australian supermarket, Coles adopted a similar little shop promotion which was a great success for the chain.

Sainsbury’s in-store promotion is only for a limited time until October 8.