SIAL China has announced its ten finalists for the SIAL Innovation 2019 award. The gold, silver and bronze prize winners will be announced during the SIAL Innovation award ceremony which runs from 3:30 pm-5:00 pm May 14 in Hall E3.

Xavier Terlet, president and founder of XTC World Innovation, SIAL Innovation’s partner, announced the selection of the ten finalists earlier today. The ten finalists were chosen from 184 excellent and innovative products by Jury pre-selection.

The ten prize-winning products all touch on developments that are important to the Asian and Chinese food industry. Each product aims to bring enjoyment and pleasure to consumers through quality ingredients and product design.

The jury considered health, packaging and customer convenience when selecting the SIAL Innovation finalists. Each product will undoubtedly be popular with consumers in stores and restaurants. Each finalist can be found at the SIAL China exhibition hall.

Finalists Include:

  • Altas Oil Industry - Honeyed Hazelnut Paste from Turkey.
  • Swiss Sustainable Coffee SA - Damath Bouillon from Switzerland.
  • Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co. ltd - Yiran Milk Mineral Light Drink from China.
  • Soligrano - Vege Spelt Burger with Pepper and Linseed from Poland.
  • Sabava - 100g Sabava Veggie Chips with Salted Egg Yolk and Fish Skin from China.
  • Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co. ltd - Gemice Sea Salt and Avacado ice cream from China.
  • Sappe Public Company Limited - Job's Tear Drink with Job's Tear Pieces from Thailand.
  • Beyond Meat - Beyond Burger from the USA.
  • Valfleuri, Premium egg pasta - Valfleuri Tendr'Epices – Organic Vegetable Pasta from France.
  • Foodistry Co., Ltd - Real Porridge from South Korea.