SPAR Opens Flagship INTERSPAR Hypermarket in Croatia

SPAR Opens Flagship Interspar Hypermarket in Croatia

SPAR Croatia has opened a brand new INTERSPAR Hypermarket in Velika Gorica, a town just south of Zagreb. It is a flagship store that indicates the future of SPAR Austria and was built with a specific focus on sustainability.

The 3,000 square metre hypermarket is futuristic in its design with state-of-the-art technology. It includes underfloor heating, redirects residual heat, has energy-saving lighting and cooling technologies and offers over 25,000 products.

The store also features a Tutto Bene cafe and restaurant, so customers can take a break from shopping and enjoy ready meals.

“I am extremely proud that a flagship store for all of the future SPAR Austria Group’s INTERSPAR Hypermarkets was developed here in Croatia.” Said Helmut Fenzl, SPAR Croatia’s CEO.

INTERSPAR Hypermarkets are different from regular SPAR supermarkets being that they must have a sales area of around 3,000 square metres and offer customers a greater shopping experience.