The Australia-New Zealand Better Chicken Commitment

SPCA and Animals Aotearoa announce The Better Chicken Commitment

The SPCA and Animals Aotearoa have launched a new set of chicken welfare standards in conjunction with The Humane League, boasting the support of nine other animal welfare organisations.

The Better Chicken Commitment welfare standards seek more space, natural light and enrichments for chickens. It also seeks a ban on breeds that grow abnormally fast, allowing them to be harvested at six weeks old.

"Currently we only have abnormal fast-growing breeds being farmed in New Zealand to the tune of 120 million individuals a year to fill our plates. Using these unnatural breeds means millions of chickens are living in chronic pain, some suffering organ failure just weeks after they are hatched. Caring Kiwis deserve to know what they are being sold and what they're paying for." Said Marianne Macdonald, Animals Aotearoa Executive Director.

"New Zealanders care about the welfare of farmed animals and expect food companies to do the same. More than ever, people are rejecting cage eggs and choosing free-range meat. The Better Chicken Commitment gives consumers the choice to purchase higher welfare chicken meat, and food businesses the opportunity to meet the expectations of their customers."

Domino's was the first business in New Zealand to sign the European version of The Better Chicken Commitment.