Supermarket Joining The Say Pants To The Tax Movement

Say Pants To The tax

Sainsbury's is proud to pledge its support to a campaign calling on the Government to remove the VAT that applies to period pants.

Disposable period products such as pads and tampons are not subject to VAT. However, under current regulations, reusable period pants are classified as garments and, therefore, are taxed at 20 percent.

Sainsbury’s does not think this is fair and wants to be part of the needed change, so it has joined other signatories in pledging support to ‘Say Pants to the Tax’ and encourages other businesses to do the same to make a difference.

The retailer has also promised that any reductions to the VAT on period pants will be directly passed on to customers, helping to make all period products more affordable and accessible for everyone.

Christine Kasoulis, Clothing, Home and Furniture Director at Sainsbury’s, said it wants its customers to be empowered by freedom of choice in the types of period products they use. For many, price can be a barrier.

“Period pants are an innovative and sustainable solution, and we stand with M&S and WUKA against the unfair price premium currently in place. We are committed to being a truly inclusive retailer and always want to do the right thing for our customers and colleagues,” said Kasoulis.

Sainsbury’s is the second UK supermarket chain to join the movement, along with Tesco, showing solidarity to have VAT removed from period pants.